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Thursday, February 09, 2012


Someone made a very intresting point to me yesterday.

Bearing in mind that I have discovered that I am at 3 degrees of Obama two different ways - my friend knows someone who used to know him, adding my second string - and that there is only one of him in the whole world; remembering that I actually have a connection to TWO US presidents; given that I am two degrees from Che Guevara, a unique man whose life should not have touched on mine in any way, and who is dead.

Thinking of all this, how is it, as my correspondent said, that I don't know a single lottery jackpot winner? There have been hundreds of them over the years. This 6 degrees business means I should know someone who knows someone, etc, etc...but I don't. Diane, the last two Euromillions winners come from Nottinghamshire, which is your neck of the woods. Do you come within any small number of degrees of them?

If not, statistically I think we have to say that the lottery is a fraud, and NO ONE EVER WINS!


judith said...

If not, statistically I think we have to say that the lottery is a fraud, and NO ONE EVER WINS!
That made me laugh because I think you are right...

JoJo said...

That's not true Val!!! One of my teachers from high school won $1 million on a scratch ticket a couple of years ago. Now you are 2 degrees from a lottery winner b/c you know me. :D

val said...

Congrats to her/him. Perhaps it's just the British and Euro ones that are a fraud.

Anonymous said...

Nope, never heard of 'em - and I'm the one more likely to be hit by the meteorite than win the lottery .......which would be quite difficult anyway as I don't play it ;0)

I'm sure you had a win a wee way back tho' Val (?)

JoJo said...

Sounds like your lottery is more like our bogus Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes. They show the prize winners in their commercials but I have never heard of anyone winning.

The state lotteries are all legitimate and we actually had a client at the office in WA who'd won the state lottery twice w/in a couple of years. And promptly blew every last cent to the point where even his boat was being repossessed!

val said...

Diane, a few pounds, but the jackpot? That's the one I wonder about.

Anonymous said...

A win is still a win ;0) I'm still marvelling at the man who won £10,000,0000 on the lottery and yet is still, amazingly, entitled to claim disability benefit - which he duly still does! My mother has nowhere near £10 million, but trying to claim anything 'extra' for her was damn near impossible. Clearly, the UK asylum is definitely run by the lunatics.

vikeau said...

Val, many years ago I won a scratch off ticket for $10,000. It wasn't the jackpot and after taxes it was like $6,000. But hey I did the happy dance. Is that close enough?

val said...

It's the best so far, Vikeau, and congrats. But again, it's not the UK or Euro lotteries, which are a lot closer to me, and the sum is not in the millions like their jackpots. I would still expect to know someone within 6 degrees, but I don't, and nor does anyone I know.

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