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Monday, February 13, 2012

Cutting Edge Punishment

I tossed up between staying at home this afternoon and vegging out, or strolling to the shops to take advantage of some less freezing weather. The outing won.

My route to the shops takes me across a small river, through a new housing estate, and under a railway bridge, where I cross the road to the shopping centre.

There was a loud noise that I couldn't identify (there's also a large building site nearby, and the sound reminded me of very intrusive drills). As I advanced, I realised it was a helicopter, which was confirmed as this vision rose just above the rooftops:

It must have been ticking over nearby - can't imagine where it had managed to land in a busy town centre - but this was confirmed when I reached the road, and found a serious traffic jam, and a road ambulance and police cars along the roadside. Inside the shopping centre, the central square was cordoned off and the Sainsbury's supermarket was closed. A police support officer was informing people that there had been a stabbing. The victim was on his way to hospital, his assailant was under arrest. The supermarket staff had been sent home in shock and the crime scene techs were inside doing their stuff.

I overheard later that the victim was the store's security guard, but this was unconfirmed.

There is just too much knife crime in the UK, and the penalties just don't keep up with the seriousness of the crimes and the resulting maiming and death. I am no fan of Sharia law, but I guess having your hand chopped off would stop you ever stabbing anyone again.


bobbybegood1 said...

The same holds true for stabbings in the US. I agree - off with their hands. Extreme? You betcha - except in certain instances, like self-defense, for example. Cheers!!

bobbybegood1 said...

However, I wouldn't mind taking a spin in that candy-apple red copter. Cool! Cheers Val!!

val said...

I can't believe that the local TV news didn't think that a stabbing in a supermarket even merited reporting.

Anonymous said...

Hell, we can't even deport people who'd like to blow us up in case the poor babies are mistreated elsewhere.....

bobbybegood1 said...

That would have been a top storyline here in NYC. Cheers!!

JoJo said...

Val did you shoot that pic of the chopper? Any news on the victim?

val said...

Sadly not my picture, JoJo, I was too late. Actually, I have yet to find out exactly where it landed, I can't actually imagine where there would be room.

I don't know yet about the victim, I didn't like to ask the staff today in case the news was bad, and I couldn't overhear enough of other conversations to work it out.

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