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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fate Intervenes

This interesting purple slipcase for Season 6, with the even more interesting Dutch writing, was to have been my Region 2 version of the DVDs (I've been capping and posting from the Region 1 copies) but it was not to be.

A large gouge in the envelope went right through and damaged the box inside. So, for the first time, I have to return an item to Amazon. Pretty good going really.

It's not currently available (obviously Bobby is popular in The Netherlands, unless other Brit Vixens have also been in action...yes Diane, I know, you sent me the link!), so they cannot replace it. I think I'll take the hint of Fate and wait till it comes out in Region 2 English version.

Season 7, which I only had on home-made DVDs complete with watermarks etc, arrived in the same envelope in perfect external condition, which is lucky. Or again, did Fate arrange things this way?


Ruby said...

Wow, neat cover! Too bad someone stabbed your original, Val! Must get Bobby to investigate! Also, we don't even have S7 released yet! Good for you!

Eliza said...

I'm so glad the S7 dvds were right...when I looked at the episode list on Amazon they listed the S6 ones..I have to do some serious saving :-)

Anonymous said...

Maybe you and I had the only two copies of Season 6 they had Val. I'm still trying to get used to seeing 'Avec Eric Bogosian' and having 'Blind Spot' called 'L'Affaire D'une Vie'. I know a considerable amount of time has passed since I did French, but that doesn't seem to translate as 'Blind Spot'. At least there's an English soundtrack; would that was so with the German 'Naked Tango'!

T'Jara said...

Aaaaw Bummer!

A least you can buy those on DVD where you live.

We here seem to have been put on hold after the release of S3!

JoJo said...

I'm not sure that Season 7 is available here yet.

vikeau said...

From what I can tell here in the states availability changes weekly. Frustrating to say the least.

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