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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Endgame - Day 13

I'm sorry I upset you on your deathbed, mummy.


Anonymous said...

As usual, she made him feel guilty, when he had nothing to feel guilty about. I'd've happily smothered Mother Goren had she not expired naturally!

JoJo said...

So tortured. I would like to have given her a piece of my mind b/f she died!

Sandy said...

I always felt her illness did not give her the freedom to treat Bobby the way she did, but I have never had any dealings with that sort of illness, she really made me mad , great acting on Rita Moreno's part.

vikeau said...

Mom was manipulative and she was able to manipulate Bobby. So no matter what he did for her it would never be enough. What a relief when she died-- for Bobby at least.

Ruby said...

Relief though it might have been on some levels, she still haunted him. :(

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