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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Alphabetically speaking

onwards we go.


JoJo said...

How long did it take to make each one of these? Definitely a Labour of Love!!!!!!

val said...

I can't remember, JoJo, but it was hours. I had to sort the episodes into alphabetical order, select a picture from each episode, choose a piece of music, then make the pictures fit the time it takes to play, including making the credits, putting in transitions, and labelling each picture with the episode name.

Whew! I'm exhausted just describing it - imagine having to do it all over again!

vikeau said...

I knew if any one was up to the task, it was you val. Perfect.

Eliza said...

They are most definitely worth it..but I do know the work that goes into them..I don't seem to have the mindset for making them right now..but one day I hope to make more videos..I have songs in my head already :-)

Thank You for making them..they're a nice memory jogger

Anonymous said...

Bravo! :0)

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