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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

One Fellow I'd like to Bed

I'm sorry, I got fixated on his neck.
Hang on - why am I apoligising for that?


sixtwosue said...

Never thought I had a Neck Thing for him, too. Until now, that is. Yum, cap #4 ... come to Susie.

anactingnurse said...

Oh, to slip up behind him & nibble on that earlobe in pic #9! I would gladly "suffer" the consequences!!!

JoJo said...

Yes, the neck is awfully erotic. And that last picture...WOOF!!!!

Anonymous said...

His neck is hard to resist in this ep. Bedfellows always turns up the heat for me. :)

Anonymous said...

Bobby with out a tie is like ice cream WITH chocolate :0)

Ruby said...

A truly beautiful neck it is!!!

potzina said...

Kiss his neck, suck his neck...I feel like a vampire tonight :)

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