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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

What a View!

Photobucket's back. I have no idea what they did to my albums yesterday. The only page I could access had lost its formatting (ie. it was just plain print) and clicking on that print got me nowhere. They say they have fixed it. We shall see.

Meanwhile, lets enjoy the view:

Baby looks so tired!


Anonymous said...

If I had to chose a 'least favourite' episode, 'View from up here' would probably be it, maybe because I could never understand how anyone could even remotely fancy someone with joined-up eyebrows - and yes, poor baby looks exhausted

JoJo said...

Too funny Diane. I think Adam Goldberg is kind of cute, but I see what you mean about his 'unibrow'. lmao

Anonymous said...

Mmmm, that last cap is almost life size. ::wipes lip prints from computer screen::

val said...

Aha! Bev, you read my mind for the reason I posted it!

Eliza said...

Can't say this was a favourite of mine either..mostly because Vincent looks so tired..I want to yell at him to take a break all the time.

I think my favourite pic today is the one where he's looking up...but no doubt I'll change my mind later

mauigirl said...

Ahhhh, darling was so exhausted from pleasuring his Vixens. (If only)

Never cared for this epi, I just didn't like the plot, and being as V was so tired, seems they should have just shot the epi with all scenes consisting of watching V sleep.

potzina said...

#4 : I love their faces, they're so funny!

Feni maure said...

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