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Monday, December 20, 2010

Indoor Icicles

Today was the day. My new kitchen window was being installed. I tried not to think about there being NO window during the swap. I stashed the cats in the bedroom and at waiting for the fitter.

Then a phone call informed me that he could not get out of his drive. This company has pissed me about so much I only stayed with them because it was impossible to get the window done before Christmas by anyone else. If they'd got it right from the start, the window would have been in weeks ago. I was not happy. I was not calm. Holding out no hope, I let the cats out.

An hour or so later, with no further warning, he arrived.

Not only did he rip out the old window, he left the front door open the whole time, popping in and out for things. My light grey hall carpet is a complete state. (Why did I buy light grey again?)

This is the scene in the kitchen with one section of the new window tentatively in place, and a hole where the rest should be:

Many cold hours later, with the back door opened to keep the front door company, the window is in:
There are still two problems, however. One is that the burglar alarm sensor went on tamper alert, and the engineer couldn't make it before tomorrow. The other is that a leaking 100-year-old cast iron downpipe next to the window has created a damp patch, and the plaster has turned to powder. So tomorrow a builder is coming out to see if he can fix those faults.
After so much cold and NO food since breakfast, I needed a hot repast. I'm trying a new type of potato. It's purple outside

and inside

Baked, with butter and some baked beans, it managed to warm up the inner woman.

Meanwhile, getting in the two cats who managed to stay out all day in the snow has proved harder than I thought.


Anonymous said...

I love purple pototoes. Yummy.

You've had quite the day, rest well.

JoJo said...

I've never had a purple potato but I've seen them before. Does it taste like regular potatos?

Sorry about the installation snafu. I think these days you might as well just expect that nothing will ever go smoothly at all, EVER!

Heather said...

I hope that you call and complain about your unhappiness and what kind of stress the whole things has caused you as well as your animals.
That's outrageous!

I love purple, but I don't know that I could eat that potato!

fuzzytweetie said...

The purple potatoes are kind of funky looking when mashed......they turn kind of grayish, but taste good.

At least the window is in and you don't have to deal with it any more.

sixtwosue said...

You seem to have been born under a bad sign regarding people fixing things/delivering things at your house. I hope 2011 brings happier tidings or better yet, no interaction at all with these visitors unless they look like Detective Goren.

SnarkAngel said...

So your kitties love the snow? That's usually more of a dog thing. Stay warm, Val! And if I ever see purple potatoes, I will have to try them.

Anonymous said...


val said...

No, Snark, they don't like it, but they like strangers banging about even less!
JoJo, the purple potatoes taste like potatoes, but not regular ones, if that makes sense!

val said...

Oh, Heather, meant to say, they've had so many complaints from me, and the attitude that if I cancelled at this stage I'd lose my deposit, I think I'll wait for the Christmas break and just go and smash up their showroom while it's shut!

Ruby said...

That's the strangest looking potato I've ever seen!!

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