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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Short and Sweet

Simon's cat has made another brief appearance. As usual, it's brilliantly observed, and we've all been there.


JoJo said...

OMG that was SO CUTE!!!!! Silly kitteh! Just wanted to warm his belleh under the lamp!

havers said...

OMG, I love it...

...great start of my night.

SnarkAngel said...

Too funny! Thank goodness my kitty critter is a tad more well behaved than Simon's cat. LOL

Tess said...

OMG! I have 7 of those...And one of them (Ryder) is climbing all over my computer as I type this :) *Purr*

Eliza said...

I have to thank you really, because I'd never seen any of these until you posted I'm slightly adddicted :-)

They were talking to Simon on BBC Breakfast a couple of weeks ago..he has a book out at the moment, which might be worth a look too.

Tess: I have one who likes to sit on the laptop..if I leave it for a second I can find all sortd of strange windows open

BASRIC said...

I love Simon'scat. too.

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