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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Next week we have the delight of three V-movies on UK television.

On Saturday on ITV4, at 11pm we have Full Metal Jacket.

On Sunday on ITV3, at 9pm we have Case of Evil.

On Tuesday/Wednesday on TCM, at 12.40am we have Being Human.

Wish they'd vary the fare a bit, 'cos we NEVER see things like Household Saints or Happy Accidents, and it's simply ages since The Whole Wide World was on. But a V-movie is a V-movie and I will always count my blessings when something of his is shown.


judith said...

But why do they have to be on at such daft times?

JoJo said...

Hey at least you guys GET V-movies. That's more than I can say for over here, when we might get a Mystic Pizza or Men in Black every now and then.

Eliza said...

Isn't it nice when we get a few in a row? Like the busses, none for ages then 3 at once LOL

SnarkAngel said...

Enjoy the VDO film fest, my dear! Somehow, I know you will!

mauigirl said...

We get a decent variety of his flicks, but it has been ages since TWWW or HA have been aired, two of my fave films.

Tess said...

Happy V watching! (Although FMJ isn't all that happy)

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should send them a list of V-movies? Hell, we could even loan them our DVD's ;0)

ann said...

love your comment eliza...

there isn't a day goes by that I don't check the listings for TWWW

have you seen Quest starts with Art tonite, albeit at 11.00 - hope they run the whole lot all the way through to S8

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