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Thursday, July 16, 2009


I have struggled valiantly with my Toshiba Shit Series laptop, bought as an emergency replacement when my HP went into hospital last year. I use it about once every 3 months at most.

When I bought it, I had wanted a Sony, but they were out of stock in the department store I had chosen (because of its 2-year free guarantees - joke).

Today I bought a better model than the one I wanted back then, with oodles of memory, and it's

Just today it was reduced by £100, and I got it from a different store (Marks and Spencer for those who know it, renowned for good customer service) again with a free 2-year guarantee.
As for the Toshiba, I'm going to remaster it (like I was forced to do when it was all of 4 days old and lost half its programmes for no reason) and give it, sticky keys and all, to my friend, in the hope that she will finally get a broadband connection. As the offending item cost a massive £800 only just over a year ago - and still has many months of useless guarantee left - I hope that she will make better use of it than I have.


jazzy said...

wow! that's what i call pink! okay, VERY pink. would have been my choice too. and it's a sony, how cool!
i'm sure you have good fun with your new toy!
(why do i wish vince would say that to me???)

fuzzytweetie said...

I hope it works for your friend.....and you don't become enemies or the "techno shit" !! LOL

Eliza said...

I bought a new laptop at the weekend...just because I'd finally saved enough to get the one I'd lusted after for months :-)

I have to say yours is definitely pinker than mine..Laura would love it

Frances said...

I want one. I want one now!

Or maybe I can wait till I've paid off the car.


SnarkAngel said...

Congrats! You're "in the pink!" Enjoy, my dear!

ann said...

i love it - it's so cute - may you and your new toy be very happy together

Anonymous said...

Being a card-carrying techno phobe, I have no laptop...they scare me!!

Anonymous said...

i love it - it's so cute___________________


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