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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Post That Disappeared..

...came back.

It was doubly fated. The movie didn't upload properly because the pictures came from my plug-in hard drive and I turned it off before the process was completed. So I ended up with a set of titles with black screens in between, set to music.

I hurriedly replaced this with the two slideshows I posted yesterday, but they failed to post the day before.

Now here is the movie again, done properly this time I hope. Sorry to post Zoonotic twice so close together. I know you'll be very disappointed.



Anonymous said...

I marvel at your tenacity. Windows Movie Maker is the latest piece of technology to bite me in the ass!

Lovely work Val.

judith said...

nice pics.good tune. enjoyed both.

SnarkAngel said...

Your persistance paid off, as usual, my dear!

jazzy said...

aaaaah in zoonotic he looks exactely like GUY
i want, want, want have him!

Claire said...

Yes, you must have a lot of patience to put this together. It's way beyond me.

Tess said...

Bravo Val...Brilliant Work!

aprilspring said...

oooh I want to whisper in his ear. thanks again. love it..

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