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Friday, August 03, 2007

Stunt Hand?

1. OK, so we all know that this hairy monstrosity has as much to do with Vincent as bad acting does (ie. nothing).

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2. This is highlighted by other appearances by the lovely manual appendages in the same episode (Inert Dwarf).
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3. (Sorry, I just couldn't leave this one out, it's the bum on the desk and the legs!)
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4. This is also from Inert Dwarf, and the curly thumb might indicate this is his hand, but it's blurry, and I think it's up for argument.
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5. Now we come to the real poser. Bobby fiddles around with some counters on a board to work out how the woman in DAW got hit by three cars. No question that this is his hand (OK, so it's attached to him, no problem).

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6-8. Diane doesn't think the following pictures are of his own hand, but of his stunt hand. I'm in two minds. Whast do you all think?
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9. Here's another one from the same episode for comparison.
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10-14. And I don't think anyone ever doubted that these beauties fondling a picture of the OTHER Vincent are someone else's.
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(Heavy sighing).


Axe said...

Well, there's only ONE appendage on him I'm interested in!!! LOL!!

mauigirl said...

Axe - HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Back on topic, some of the stunt hands are easier to spot than others. There was one in "Albatross", and even in "Endgame", where MFB grasps Goren's hand, I wasn't sure if they were either actor's hands.

Eliza said...

I'm sticking firmly to MY opinion that they all belong to V...otherwise I'll have to question all the times I 've had inappropriate feelings about those wonderful long fingers :-D

Anonymous said...

See, Vincent's fingers are very long, very slender (be still my heart!!!!) unwrinkled and quite pale. The ones in picture 4 are quite wrinkly. The one on the counter I only decided was NOT his when I screencapped DAW last weekend. Too short, too wrinkly... Compare to the picture of his hand. He has seriously LONG fingers right? Then look back at the one on the counter.
The Van Gogh eyes, yes, I think they are the Delightful D'Onofrio Digits...
Ye gods, that hand in picture one is terrifying and looks like it belongs in an old Hammer House of Horror movie ;0)

Anonymous said...

Um....I may be changing my mind about the Van Gogh ones...that hand looks decidedly wrinkly. Nothing for it but to hold hands with the man himself and take pictures I guess. OK, I'm shutting up now ;0)

JoJo said...

I think they are Vincent's. Look at the half moon on the fingernails; you can see them in both closeups and where you can see all of him & his hands. I only have half moons on my thumbs, but he has them on all his fingers & thumbs.

Denise said...

I agree with JoJo, I think they are all his hands. You have to look at his cuticles and the half moons. Don't forget that depending on how hydrated a person is can affect the looks of their hands.

Regina Caschetto said...

Dear Val-
Today, August 3rd. is my birthday-
Let's just say that I was born in the decade of the 50s and leave it at that-
So of course I want to celebrate by looking at Vincent-
So I come to the best Vincent photo website right here-
So thank you-
Had to watch Salt On Our Skin just so I could watch Gavin dance with George-
I think that whole scene is just so fabulous-
I believe that in the dictionary next to the words "man" and "masculine" they should put a picture of Vincent-
Just gorgeous-
Thanks again-

val said...

OK, here's a thought. Vincent has quite pink knuckles, which th pictures from See Me have, but the ones on the counter from DAW don't. ALso, those fingers don't seem to have enough length between the knuckles to be the real deal.

Anonymous said...

his fingers have always been surprisingly slim and elegant looking for someone of his physique, i used to be surprised how beautiful his hands were when i had expected them to be squarishly masculine. i think it's the stuntman's hand.

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